We believe in the adoption of new technologies that prove both economically and environmentally beneficial to agriculture production. We are committed to soil conservation and use no-till or conservation tillage on all of our highly erodible acres. We have installed and maintained several miles of terraces and tile. Global positioning equipment is used to map yields and precisely control the application of crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, and seed to ensure efficient use of inputs.


Corn Planter: 1770 NT, 24-Row / 30-Inch

Soybean Planter: 1790 EE, 24 Row / 20-Inch

Nutrient Application

No-Till Anhydrous Ammonia Applicator: 2510H

Sprayer: 4730

Dry Fertilizer Spreader: Kuhn Axis 50.1

Grain Storage & Drying

250,00 Bu Grain Storage Capacity Continuous Flow Drying

Combine and Technology

S770, 8-Row Corn Head / 35-Foot draper

9660, 20-Foot Bean Head

3 Green Star 2630 GPS Monitors (RTK)


8295R, 8130 and 8110

Hog Operation